• Angel "B" Winfrey

"Super Natural" Sunday

Oh Happy Day

It's Sunday, you've had a long week. You didn't get to rest or run errands or socialize this week so you try to catch up on Sunday.

Not to mention this is the last day of the week and you have to get ready for your work week.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Not once this week did you set aside any time to feed your spiritual mind but guess what today is a day set aside just for you to pull up to pump 9 and fuel up.

What do you do when your car is running low on gas you pull up to a gas station right?

Your mind, body, and spirit is your temple. It's just like your car if it sits too long it can stop working and will require a jump off to recharge the battery. Like your car that requires routine maintenance, oil changes, washes, tire rotation etc., your temple also requires routine maintenance such as praise and worship, reading and studying the word of God, daily practices of prayer and meditation, etc. Whether or not you have a relationship with God and are not on speaking terms with Him you need to practice some form of spiritual discipline. The spiritual nourishment that your temple needs requires you to let go of "Self Will" or else like a car without guidance will fail to maintain it's lanes (your life) and can ultimately crash and harm others. Church is for fellowship, nothing more or less like attending a support group you realize you are not alone.

Happy Sunday!

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